Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Australis Conceal Correct 4 in 1 Concealer Palette Review

Hello there my lovelies,
I am going to start by explaining how i came across this concealer palette... I was out shopping with hubbo and i told him i was in need of a concealer palette so off we went into Priceline at Kippa ring and i went straight to the lady and asked her what concealer palettes they had and i swear i must have been talking a foreign language as the look she gave me was that of utter confusion. After around a minute a cog clicked in her brain and so the search began and she finally found this product and told me it was the only concealer palette they stocked.... Which is false as i have seen a concealer palette in another Priceline and went back a few days later to let them know for the manager to turn to me and basically call me a liar saying that she knows Australis is the only brand to do a palette at all... well screw you lady...Napoleon Perdis concealer paletteMac concealer palette.... Check mate :)

Ok story over lets get down to business, I was very impressed with the Australis Concealer Palette overall it has great coverage and the colour correction is perfect for my skin as i usually have a lot of pink tone in my skin.

  • Small packaging for easy storage in a make up bag
  • Great coverage
  • Product smells good
  • The palette has a layer for bags under your eyes and a layer for redness and each layer has a regular concealer component 
  • At only $12.95 it wont break the bank
  • It didn't come with an application brush or anything 
  • The packaging was hard to open
  • It only has one mirror under the first layer and every time i try to use it the layer falls and clips back down which gets real tiring real fast.

Well i hope you enjoyed my review of Australis Conceal Correct concealer palette

Peace out xx

Friday, 28 November 2014

The Disney Tag

Hello my lovelies,
After doing my last Tag post i am hooked one of the lovely ladies i follow Little Bits of Pixie Dust recently posted about how much she needed to do the Disney Tag and i am in the same boat,

I have been watching Disney films pretty much since i was born... my first dress up costume i had was Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Well lets get this party started...

1. Whats your favourite Disney film?
Alice in Wonderland because i love a little madness and i have always loved the story and the songs are great.
2.Which Disney movie's scene would you love to live?
The Tea Party scene in Alice in Wonderland or The Ballroom Scene in Beauty and the Beast both are magical.
3. If you were a Prince who would you be?
I know hes not really a prince but i would be Flynn Ryder from Tangled because I'm a bit of a wild card too.
 4. If you were a Princess who would you be?
Merida hands down i love archery and shes is a woman with a wild spirit like me
(Plus i am a sucker for red hair)
5. Who do you look like the most?
This one is tricky i would say kinda of a Belle with blue eyes
6. If you could choose a Disney character to be your friend who would it be?
Belle as we could read books together

7. A Disney scene that always makes you cry?
This one is easy, the scene in The Lion King when Mufasa dies and Simba tries to wake him up
8.What Disney film have you seen the most?
Alice in Wonderland easily...

9.What is your Favourite Disney Song?
Let it go from of-course Frozen i sing this song to my friends kids and they love it and so do i..

Ok so there you have it i tag +Vanessa Thornton +Chic Alluring +Miss J. Fashion Musings Diary +Nana Granada +Lauren Hills

Peace out xx

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

"TAG Your it" I've been Tagged!

This is my first attempt at a TAG post, i was TAGged by +Vanessa Thornton  and well i'm not going to beat around the bush... i usually suck at answering questions but i shall give it a whirl...

1.What is the product you have wanted for the longest time?
Erm..ummm... errrm great start haha, I would probably have to say a MAC foundation and maybe a primer 

2. If you had to wear only one foundation for the rest of your life what would it be?
This one is easy for me i really like the Maybelline dream matte mouse in nude

3.Your house is burning down what product do you grab first?
My concealer palette and then my foundation and then my powder and mascara.... 

4. What is your latest empty product?
I think it would have to be my Elizabeth Arden foundation

5. What quote(s) do you live by?
"If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all"
"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way"
"Why change?everyone has his own style. When you have found it. You should stick to it"

6. If you could only buy make up from one brand, which brand would it be?
Rimmel London hands down

7. Which type of beauty products do you buy the most of?
Foundations, Mascaras, eyeliners and fake eyelashes

8. How long have you been wearing make up for?
Since i was 10/12 years old so almost 10/12 years which kind of sucks the fact i haven't mastered winged eye liner yet haha

9. If you could be any mystical creature, what would you be?
A vanir like the god Frey and goddess Freyja they are closely tied in to elves which i love :)

Okay well that was my first TAG... i lost my TAG virginity haha
I am going to TAG +Shireen L. Platt +Chic Alluring +ellie rodwell +Coco Cami +Isabella Muse
Peace out xx

Monday, 24 November 2014

My new hair!

Hello my lovelies,
I thought i would share my new hair with you, i was feeling quite down and flat lately and decided to change my hair a little to revamp myself... i know i said i would stop dying my hair but hey i caved ok i needed it...

I OMBRED!! comment and let me know what you think <3

Peace out xx

Friday, 14 November 2014

Pantene night miracle essence and Pantene intense split end repairserum review

Hello my lovelies today I am reviewing Pantene night miracle essence and Pantene intense split end repair serum, to do this I am going to split this up into 2 sections for each product of pros and cons...

1.Pantene night miracle essence 

Easily applied
My hair felt so soft next morning
My hair looked healthier
Was on sale for $2 at reject shop Morayfield

The lid is shaped weird 
Usually $15 for 90ml

2.Pantene intense split end repair serum 

Spreads evenly into hair for easy application
Smells great
You only need a small amount 
When paired with Pantene night miracle essence you are left with really soft healthy hair
Was on sale $2 at the reject shop
Pump action bottle

Hard to wash off hands
If you put it on the length of the hair your hair gets that "greasy" look after around 2 days.
Usually $18

Overall I really recommend these products as they really improved my hair texture and general health. I made sure to buy them in bulk whilst they were on sale so that I don't run out. I hope you enjoyed reading my reviews of Pantene night miracle essence  and Pantene intense split end repair serum 

Peace out my lovelies xx

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

What i have learned in 6 months of marriage so far

Hey there my lovelies,
I decided to write a blog post today on 6 things i have learned from 6 months they may seem quite derogatory towards my husband but hey i think you all have a right to know what to expect after 6 months of marriage...

1. Never ask a man to do anything like laundry etc... they bring it back up like they got a big shiny medal for first place at the laundry Olympics.

2. Not having everything in common is a really good thing... you can go off and do your hobbies and he can go do his, this way you don't end up in a D&D game wondering how many dice you can fit up your nose..

3. It is completely acceptable to break out into a one person musical when the occasion arises aka hanging out laundry, walking down the hall even shopping for clothes... however people don't randomly join in like a really bad version of glee unless you count the chick two racks down who sings like someone put a cassette tape on fast forward ... 
4. Men complain more than women... just putting it out there but i believe my opinion is completely justified when a man can find a way to complain about missing their half swirl on top of their sundae.

5. Men have no concept of time.. when they say i will be there in 15 minutes, what they really mean is i haven't even finished my conversation yet so i am still almost 35 minutes away

6. No matter how hard you try you will always forget your last name and people will look at you like they think you have the brain capacity of a brick sat on a sponge.

Hope you enjoyed our adventure into my life
peace out x

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Friday, 31 October 2014


For Halloween me and ness made a jack o lantern 

Here is a creepy Halloween story for you .... 

He had not expected to meet the woman of his dreams, but there she was strolling along in the moonlight beside the cemetery. Carlos quickened his pace until he was level with her, hoping for a glimpse of her face under her veil. 
Carlos made a few remarks about the beautiful night and the lovely weather—anything to keep her talking. She stopped abruptly and turned to face him. He caught a glimpse of dark eyes glinting behind the veil.  
“What is it you want?” she asked. 
“A date, SeƱorita. Just a date.” Carlos beamed at her.
She paused and said, “I do not know. Ask me again in this place at this time tomorrow night, and we shall see.” 
Carlos’s heart leapt in his chest. So she was playing hard to get? Well, fair enough. He would see her tomorrow, and then she would fall into his arms! 
The next day dragged by for the infatuated Carlos, and he had trouble concentrating on his work. But at last he was free and running the few blocks to his home to change into a suitable outfit. 
He could barely contain himself, and he reached the cemetery a few minutes early. She was not there yet, so Carlos entertained himself by picturing his beautiful bride in their new home. Suddenly she was there in front of him, the moonlight sparkled off her veil. Carlos was enchanted. 
They talked for hours, standing in front of the graveyard. She was as witty as she was beautiful, and Carlos begged her for a date. 
“We will go out tomorrow night,” she said. “I will send you a letter with the place and time.” Carlos kissed her hand and floated away, so happy he wanted to sing for joy. 
Carlos was absolutely useless at work the next day. After work, he rushed home and found a letter in his mailbox. Eagerly he read it, not pausing to wonder how she knew where he lived. Then he ran next door to show it to Diego, his closest cousin. 
Diego went pale when he read her signature, Rosa Gonzale. This must be the same Rosa that died in a car crash last year. Diego tried to warn Carlos, but Carlos was already in love. 
That night as Carlos hurried to the cemetery Diego followed, certain that his cousin was in over his head. Carlos bounded over to Rosa. “At last, we go out!” he cried to her. “But first, my love, show me your face!” 
At his words, Rosa pulled aside the veil. Back at the gate, Diego gave a gasp of shock, for she had the desiccated face of a skeleton. He was frozen to the spot by the power of the evil specter, unable to warn Carlos. Looking down, Carlos only saw the glamour the ghost was projecting. As the skeleton’s withered arms trapped him, the veil on his eyes was lifted and he realized in one heart-stopping moment the abomination he was kissing. The ground opened up, and with a laugh of triumph, the specter pulled him down and down into her tomb. The earth closed over Carlos and Rosa. 
Diego, freed from the ghost’s spell, ran into the cemetery, shouting his cousin’s name in terror. But it was too late. Carlos was dead—locked for all time in Rosa’s arms.

Spooks out xx

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Dove summer glow gradual tanner review

I bought this product from a local Coles and after only 7 days of using the product as directed I have found myself loving the result..
I chose the medium to dark product due to reading reviews online about the product and they all said the light to medium left them with barely a tan and orange/ yellow stomach where the skin is paler ... I was not going to become the newest member of the Simpsons thank you very much haha...
I found that to review this product I had to break it down into 3 categories which are 1. Scent 2. Ease of application and 3. General results....

1. Scent.... Overall dsg (dove summer glow) has a zesty smell which is a pleasant change from the usual yacky self tanner smell.

2. Ease of application... Dsg is very easy to use simply shower, exfoliate and then dry skin and apply... Wash your hands afterwards as I didn't read that part and I now have orange palms. Also wait until your skin is almost dry before getting dressed and it only takes around 5-10mins at most....

3. General results... Dsg gave me even coverage and a definate tan 
I hope you enjoyed reading this review...
Peace out xx

Friday, 17 October 2014

Spring haul!!!

This morning I arrived at peninsula fair shopping centre and decided to take a look around the shops before heading down to +Vanessa's house for our monthly blogathon, in barely 5 minutes I found a perfect pair of jeans in crossroads and I fell in love with a piece of clothing... I know poor husband I'm having an affair with a pair of jeans haha.
What I like the most about these jeans is the worn acid effect and the great quality 
The next store I went to was millers where they had a 40% off members sale and I naturally went straight to the discount rack as you do and I found 3 shirts I really liked all floral and all my size... Then a thought crossed my mind of whether or not they would be covered by the 40% off so I read the banner and...
Yes! ....they were making them between $ 8.00 and $ 11.00 which is a bargain
I really love the spring atmosphere these shirts express....
Finally I popped to Coles before the bus and picked up

I am planning to do a review of this product and I will let you all know how I go becoming tanned 
Thanks for reading guys
Peace out x

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Stretching My Ears So Far

I want to start off by saying i have wanted to stretch my ears since i was 17 and it has taken me until now to take it upon myself and rise above the negative opinions people have over stretching ones ears and just do it... like what the hell :)

I started off by going on eBay and purchasing a spiral taper set 
However i would recommend buying this stainless steel set instead as it includes more sizes and tunnels

Nearly everyone is pierced with an 18g stud so when starting with already pierced ears like me (i have over 18 piercings in my ears alone hehe) the first step is stretch up to a 16g... wait a second i think first i should show you what the sizes look like ...
The sizes are measured by their diameter measurement as you can see on the cross section chart above (wow already sounding like a teacher) i hope this helps you understand what i am talking about when i mention sizes...
Okay carrying on... when i went from a 18g to a 16g i did not feel any pain at all in fact it was barely sore so after a few days the jewellery was becoming loose so i sized up to a 14g and this time i felt more of pinching feeling  as it is a 0.4mm difference between the 16g and 14g  where as it is 0.2mm between 18g to 16g.
I left my ears to heal cleaning them regularly and within a couple of days ... and again i had no pain and the jewellery became loose so i chose to size up again to a 12g which again pinched but after a couple of days the pattern kept occuring until now i am up to a 2g so 6mm and sizing up again. 
My goal size is a 12mm/14mm but i will slowly get there.

*MY TOP TIP FOR STRETCHING EARS IS MOISTURISE!!! MOISTURISE!!! MOISTURISE!!* I used tattoo goo and it worked wonders as well as paw paw ointment and witch hazel lotion 

my current size 2g...

The biggest i would go...

Peace out xx

Thursday, 9 October 2014

The unfortunate issue that is unemployment and other current things

In today's society unemployment is a massive issue, so many of today's youth myself included have been looking for work for almost a year now for myself and even though I have had many interviews I still do not have employment. I have practiced my job interview techniques and still no luck, perhaps the issue is within the retail sector in particular as with the increasing age of employees their wage requirements increase also which creates a greater incentive to hire people below the age of 21 years or as they are called juniors .

Since the last time I was employed I have struggled to find employers who are willing to pay the extra for someone without formal qualifications to suit a managerial position. Next year I shall hopefully be back at uni so then I will be training to be a high school teacher and eventually start teaching the children of tomorrow, Which shall be highly amusing haha.

Oh before I forget to tell you all about my flower garden I am growing to create a lovely study area to relax and possibly start vlogging again and to increase the amount I can blog through out the week