Thursday, 28 April 2016

Black Sabbath live @ Brisbane Entertainment Centre 25.04.16

On Monday i got to see Black Sabbath live @ Brisbane Entertainment Centre and all i can say is OMG what a great show the crowd atmosphere was electric, the vocals were above average and the drummer had more energy than the entire crowd combined. The opening act for Black Sabbath was a band called The Rival Sons from Long Beach, California
I really enjoyed the Rival Sons set the singer has a nice dirty vocals and at times was almost making out with the mic which is fine with me ;).

 I went to the gig with my boyfriend Doug and he bought himself a Sabbath shirt what a handsome chap he is showing it off :)

 When it was time for Sabbath to perform the crowd went wild, Black Sabbath performed a heap of the classic songs like War Pigs, Paranoid, Iron Man and Into the void. Ozzy Osbourne was on a roll with a spectacular vocal performance and surpassed popular expectations.

 And drummer Tommy Clufetos gave a outstanding drum solo that really had the audience in awe at his energy and showmanship. At the end of the set a brilliant performance of Paranoid had the crowd losing it, I know i was :)

 Guitarist Tony Iommi threw plectrums into the crowd and i was lucky enough to take one home, as well as Doug. I am planning on making mine into a necklace and overall i have to give it to Sabbath for giving Brisbane an amazing show that was by far not lacking and is one of the best performances i have seen in my adult years so far.

Samecca xx

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Conquering life's mountains

Last weekend i finally ticked something off my  bucket list and as you may have guessed that was.... climb a mountain and i don't just mean hike up a track i actually climbed a rock face without ropes and it was an absolute thrill and one of my greatest achievements so far. The mountain i climbed up is called Mt. Tibrogargen which is one of the Glasshouse mountains around Beerwah, Queensland. The walking track around Mt. Tibrogargen is approx. 3.3km and it stands around 364m and is the second steepest climb in the range.
 I will admit that the climb was hard at times but the higher up i got, the more driven to reach the summit i became. I am so proud i was able to reach the summit and prove that i can achieve anything i put my mind to be it climb a mountain, travel the world or follow my dreams.

Samecca xx

Thursday, 21 April 2016

OOTD 21.4.16 Purple Lace

1. Purple and white shirt- OP shop (Save the children) $7.00

2. Black Skinny Jeans- City Chic $99.00

3. Leather Ankle boots- OP shop (Save the children) $10.00

4. Necklaces
- skull choker (Handmade by me)
-Palm necklace- eBay $1.00
-Owl necklace-eBay $1.99
- Gem Necklace (Handmade by me)

Samecca xx

Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Over the last couple of months i have put a lot of thought into my life and what i want and something i have wanted for many years now and that is to move back to the UK, so i have put the wheels in motion and it is looking like my adventure will begin in January 2017. Before i go i have a heap of planning to do and i will be bringing you all along for the crazy ride, I also want you to know that my new boyfriend Doug shall be joining me for the journey and that makes me super happy to get to share this with someone as great as him.

The first step for the trip was to go and get Doug a passport, so off we popped into Brisbane and spent the day sorting all sort of things out and we finally submitted his application. So we can tick that off the list, Also i have started to gather more information that will help us out on our trip. If you have an questions please comment below 

xx Samecca

Sunday, 17 April 2016

HAIR glorious HAIR

Hello Internet,

I have been thinking about how much my hair has changed this year alone and i decided to show you some photos and maybe talk you through so you guys can be up to date on me and my life :)

I started off by shaving an undercut on my left hand
side and my hair colour was auburn

This is after i decided to dye my hair using magenta fudge
Here's a more relaxed look with the bright hair
This is more of a progress photo with the darker hair
This is the night i dyed my hair dark brown

x Samecca

Friday, 15 April 2016

Sometimes Fairytales dont work out like the story books

It has been way too long since i posted and i apologize profusely for that,

I want to begin by letting you all know that my life has undergone some huge changes lately in regards to my relationship status i don't want to go into too much detail in regards to the change as i feel it is a deeply personal matter between myself and my ex. What i will say is that we are both so much happier now and we have decided to remain friends and i wish him all the best with his future endeavors and hope he achieves all his dreams and aspirations.

Secondly i want to let you all know i plan on posting regularly again however i have come to feel that my blog needs a face lift and renew for the new me and as such i have decided to change the name of my blog to "just samecca" as i that is exactly what i want this blog to be ... just me. And as for the "samecca" well my full name is Samantha Rebecca and the idea of merging them together just came to me so if you have any further questions on that don't hesitate to ask.

And finally in the next few days to come i will be revealing some big life changes and a huge personal journey i have coming up so keep an eye out for my future posts

bye for now