Monday, 23 February 2015

February 2015 Wish List

  1.Tartan Check Crop Top, Ally

2. 90s Moon Pendant/ Bracelet, Etsy
3. Chiffon Hem Vest, Crossroads
4. Drape Collar Jacket, Ally
5. Pick Me Up Skinny Jeans, City Chic
6. Hanky Maxi Dress, Crossroads
7. Doolittle Boots, Famous Footwear

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Ebay Adventures #1

Hello my Lovelies,

Ebay has been around for so long now that almost everyone has bought something on it... whether it was needed or not haha. Lately i have been buying quite abit of cheap items to spice up my wardrobe and be more me, here are some of the things i bought...

1. Gypsy Antalya Bohemian Beachy Sliver Coin Coachella Statement Choker Necklace


2. Stunning Genuine Leather Crystal Quartz Point Choker Necklace Gem Pendant Charm


3. 1Pc Natural Drusy Amethyst Quartz Crystal Stone Gemstone Side Ways Pendant 


4. New Womens Ladies Tartan Check Sleeveless Strap Plaid Cami Swing Vest Dress Top

  $ 14.84

   + $11.87 postage

The Tartan dress been my favourite item i bought as well as the most expensive overall i am pleased with what i have bought, If any of you see any great items online and want to share maybe write the links in the comments below and maybe can start something great...

Hope you enjoyed looking at my pretties and until next time

Bye for now 

Friday, 20 February 2015

Fashionably late to 2015

Hello my Lovelies,

I think I may have left the fashionably late thing abit too long but I am back!

I have lots of news to tell you firstly I am now a working woman again.... WOO! 
I work 5 days a week at a roofing manufacturer as their receptionist / administrator which I am loving, It is so challenging and rewarding I don't mind the early starts as I get to come into a wonderful workspace. 

Secondly I have been buying off eBay a lot lately and I am thinking of doing a regular post about what I buy and reviewing the items I receive. Some of the items I buy are knock offs of the name brands but I will be comparing them in value and by quality as well as overall price which should be fun :)

Thirdly I am in search of a new laptop for my blogging as I no longer have my old one, I don't need anything flash just something simple that does the job so any suggestions would be amazingly appreciated. Oh, I almost forgot I got a haircut not long ago and now have a sassy hair do to go with my glowing personality haha, let's see how many people want to see my new hair :)

And lastly I just wanted to say I missed you all heaps and I will not be away so long next time <3

Bye for now