Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Australis Conceal Correct 4 in 1 Concealer Palette Review

Hello there my lovelies,
I am going to start by explaining how i came across this concealer palette... I was out shopping with hubbo and i told him i was in need of a concealer palette so off we went into Priceline at Kippa ring and i went straight to the lady and asked her what concealer palettes they had and i swear i must have been talking a foreign language as the look she gave me was that of utter confusion. After around a minute a cog clicked in her brain and so the search began and she finally found this product and told me it was the only concealer palette they stocked.... Which is false as i have seen a concealer palette in another Priceline and went back a few days later to let them know for the manager to turn to me and basically call me a liar saying that she knows Australis is the only brand to do a palette at all... well screw you lady...Napoleon Perdis concealer paletteMac concealer palette.... Check mate :)

Ok story over lets get down to business, I was very impressed with the Australis Concealer Palette overall it has great coverage and the colour correction is perfect for my skin as i usually have a lot of pink tone in my skin.

  • Small packaging for easy storage in a make up bag
  • Great coverage
  • Product smells good
  • The palette has a layer for bags under your eyes and a layer for redness and each layer has a regular concealer component 
  • At only $12.95 it wont break the bank
  • It didn't come with an application brush or anything 
  • The packaging was hard to open
  • It only has one mirror under the first layer and every time i try to use it the layer falls and clips back down which gets real tiring real fast.

Well i hope you enjoyed my review of Australis Conceal Correct concealer palette

Peace out xx