Friday, 19 June 2015

Ebay Wishlist June 2015

1. Gypsy Necklace  $ 4.18 + $ 7.21 p&h
2. Bell bottom jeans $ 49.95 + $ 4.95 p&h
3. Grunge Baggy Shirt $ 10.00 + $ 10 p&h
4. Spike Necklace  $  3.00
5. Off the shoulder Grunge shirt $ 5.98 + $ 7.86 p&h
6.Rocker Shirt / Dress   $25.00 
7. Daisy Print Dress $40.00 + $ 8.00 p&h
8. Black leggings (auction)
9. Floral Hippy Shirt $ 26.00 + $ 7.00 p&h

Monday, 15 June 2015

Vacate the roads i am now a Learner Driver ;)

I recently managed to pass the written component of Australia's driving test which means i am now allowed to drive on the roads which in reality is not as dangerous as it sounds haha.

In Australia you have to hold your leaner license for a year and gain 100 hours of driving experience in a multitude of different conditions (Night time, Daytime, rain or shine)

I am honestly not that bad at driving, i have driven for over 10 hours now and i am finding i am loving it. I am hoping to buy my first car soon and i will definitely show you all what i get

Bye for now
my lovelies

Sunday, 14 June 2015

My Daily Skin Regime

1. It is really important to wash your face everyday twice if you can once in the morning to prepare your skin for the day and once in the evening to remove the dirt, make-up and grime of the day.

2. Then i Cleanse my face and exfoliate, i like to use Clinique liquid facial soap and i like to make my own exfoliant using a mix of coconut oil and bicarbonate soda and brown sugar.

3.  Toner, Toner, Toner i like to use Witch Hazel as my toner because my skin has a tendency to get red and flushed and the witch hazel helps to strengthen the capillaries in the skin thus reducing the redness

4. My skin also has a bad habit of drying out so i have to moisturise either by using an actual moisturiser or by using a foundation with moisturiser in it.

Well thats it my lovelies

Friday, 5 June 2015

LOOKBOOK 05.06.15

Shirt- Save the Children (Charity Shop)
Singlet dress- Jay Jays
Leggings- K-mart
Boots- Boohoo
Necklace- Cosmetics Plus