Monday, 22 September 2014

Lookbook Photoshoot BLOOPERS :)

Here are a few behind the scenes photos from the LookBook photoshoots me and +Vanessa Thornton did recently, they made me laugh so hard and i wanted to share the hilarity enjoy :)

Friday, 19 September 2014

Whats Up Pussy Cat

Well firstly my lovelies let me introduce my beautiful Kitty Cat Peeno! :)
As you can see she loves using my foot as a pillow :)
We got Peeno around ... oh gosh let me think ... September last year so she will be just over a year old now. When we got her she was around 3 weeks old and her mum had been hit by a car so she needed loving care which led her to a kind lady down the road who loves animals and helped her grow some more as she was tiny. We adopted her, well Braddles (hubbo) got her for me as an early birthday present (my birthday is in December) and when we got home she proved how tiny she is by making a home inside a tissue box.
She was so adorable and weirdly clingy she was happiest when close to me ..

 The older she got the more affectionate she has become with me she lets me check her teeth fingers in her mouth and she wont bite me.
Now shes 1 (and possibly expecting kittens, we are waiting for a second opinion to confirm) and she is the loveliest Kitty Cat i could have ever ask for, i love her so much and i thank Braddles all the time for finding her for me :)
Yes i do realise that i have just done an entire blog on my cat but hey animals are people too :)
Maybe i will next blog about how i met braddles?
Peace out x

Friday, 12 September 2014

Scandinavian festival Newstead QLD Sept 14th

On Sunday me and braddles went to the Scandinavian festival at Newstead QLD, to experience some more culture and to support the viking reenactment group we recently joined called Saga, just so you all know In case I mention them in future posts. 
Firstly I have to point out the stupid amount of car parking space surrounding the festival... There was 0 parks anywhere close to Austin st where the festival is held and we arrived early and even then we had to park over 1.5km away which was annoying but I guess worth it as we got to enjoy looking at all the stylish indie apartments along the way.
When we finally arrived the festival was already packed with people and the smells of waffles and spiced sausages which made me so hungry, but me and brad decided to just have a drink and wait until after.

When we finally reached Sagas stalls all I could think was poor buggers it was bleeding hot and they were sat in the full exposure of the sun.

We decided to walk around abit more and it only took us around 45mins to walk the whole festival two times, it was rather small but still a lovely festival. 

On the way home we decided to pop into this brewery/pub on the way back to the car called...

And we shared a nice cold beer perfect for finishing off our little cultural adventure

Peace out xx

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Lookbook shoot 11/09/2014

Behind the scenes on Lookbook Thursday 11/09/14

Today me and Vanessa decided to take some photos for my lookbook and thankfully due to her great artistic eye, they turned out quite amazing. When I was packing the outfits I only picked out the best even though not all are amazing flattering on my shape, I believe we did good. This time round I did my own hair and make up, lashes and all and I rather think they turned out good.
We are thinking about starting a monthly blog meet up where we sit down soak our feet with face masks on and just blog together which I think will be great so hopefully we will get organised and get our blog on 
Peace out xx