Monday, 29 August 2016

Top 5 tips on falling in love with YOU

In today's society many young women find it almost impossible to love themselves and their bodies given how mass media presents the perfect body type, i know first hand how hard it can be to look at a magazine or show and see a model with a very petite body and long blonde hair looking absolutely amazing as well as women with almost perfect curves and to know that i look nothing like that used to make me think that then i must be ugly. After many years of thinking like this i decided that enough was enough, i can't change society on my own but i can change my way of thinking.
  1. Stop thinking that to be different is bad!
  2. Learn your strengths and your flaws and embrace them!
  3. Dress yourself in clothes YOU like not what people say you should wear for your size!
  4. Pick 5 things daily you like about yourself, it will boost your confidence x10!
  5. Talk to your friends and spread the love!

  I hope this made you think a little and that you enjoyed reading it

Samecca x