Monday, 30 June 2014

DIY large floral crown


All you need is:
  • An old headband
  • fake flowers i am using roses
  • a glue gun
  • scissors

  1. Take your roses and play around and get an idea of how you want them to sit 
  2. Cut your roses down until they are almost flat and turn on your glue gun
  3. Start using the glue gun to attach the large roses 
  4. Once you have glued all the roses on then you need to take some apart until you have individual groups of four petals 
  5. Start folding these petals until they are the size of a single petal
  6. Use these to fill in the gaps making the crown look full and luscious.
And there you have your floral crown ! :)

Grab you tops lets Crop it

1. Cut off the sleeves at a curve (or cut them completely off if you want a cropped tank top)

2. Cut off the collar, approximately 1/2 inch past the seams on the sides. If you want an off shoulder top, cut a wider or deeper neck.

3. Match up the side seams of the shirt (or match up the sleeves if there are no side seams). Cut at a curve from front to back to make a high-low hemline. If you would like a straight hemline, you can just cut straight across without flipping the shirt on its side.

4. Once you’re done, make sure you stretch out all your cuts. This will roll the ends a bit. If you’d like to make sure it doesn’t fray at all, or if you like a neat hemline, you can hem the cuts yourself by rolling the ends in 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch and sewing.

5. Optional
Decorate your crop top by spray painting a pattern, tie-dying, or drawing on it, whatever you’d like. I drew a triangle on mine with permanent marker.

Congrats! I hope you like this tutorial! Leave me questions or comments, and I’ll try to respond to anything.

Hair hint

Heres a cool DIY

I have had the idea to make some floral crowns myself so i ordered some plain head bands off ebay and a heap of silk roses and i will show you what i can do when they arrive :)
bye for now x

I am a married 21 year old female

"hey there hows married life treating you?"

This has become my most hated statement, its like people think that because I’m now married, that my daily routine has changed.
Negative, nope, nadduh 
Put down to its basics my day still goes eat, sleep, poop and maybe sleep some more, the joys of being job deficient.

But on a serious note marriage has changed me a little like i find myself been overly bossy and my patience for how long it takes to do the dishes has diminished dramatically … no more 3 day old dishes.

But down to nitty gritty i love my new husband, he’s kind and he’s mine

weight + society =

As a woman, I can’t imagine ever telling another woman that she is ugly, unattractive, or not worthy of feeling beautiful simply because she’s a size 20 instead of a size 2.

Everyone is worthy of feeling beautiful, 
no matter their size.
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5 things Marriage has taught me

1. Men are incapable of going to the toilet with the door closed! 

Every single morning i wake up to the LOUD echo of my husbands stream as it reverberates down the hallway. 

2. Never leave believe that he will do housework!

 Anytime i ask hubbo to for example do the dishes i better not get my hopes up that its going to be down down that day, my hubbo's worst has been 3 days.

3. Money sucks!
well the lack there of... marriage = x 2 the amount of bills
2 x amount needed for food
2 x amount needed for medical reasons
2 x amount needed to actually do stuff
This leaves both parties BROKE...

4. Never wake the sleeping colossus!
 Unless you want to open a minefield of crankiness for the rest of the day... leave well alone..

5. Men purposely ignore your calls as long as they can to avoid doing anything and everything!

I can ring my hubbo almost 30 times trying to get a hold of him and i barely reach him... and he always has a lame excuse like "i didn't feel my phone ringing" yeah 30 times ...

well these are my 5 things marriage has taught me so far
hope you enjoy
bye for now x

Week Eight of Marriage

This week marks the eight week mark or the 2nd month of marriage for the mainstream...

Maybe i should start by pointing out i am loving being married to my husband hes a wonderful man however i am learning very quickly that once your married, even though you always say "marriage won't change me" ... it does ...
Kinda like iodine crystals.. if exposed to too much heat (stress) it will turn to gas and the whole reason of you being together will float away

or expose it to too much cold (through lack of effort) it will turn into something you never wanted it to be.

So in short you have to always work at it and just enjoy the little things.

xtooclothesforcomfortx Photoshoot june 2014

This weekend i spent my Saturday having my photo taken by my best friend xtooclothesforcomfortx in between shooting i took some photos of my own to show you wonderful people.
Here are some ....

Comment and let me know what you think :) ....
Bye for now x