Monday, 25 August 2014

Outfitastic Outfit

For this outfitastic outfit I paired:
1. Monochrome maxi skirt with diagonal stripes, free from sister
2. A black singlet, jay jays, $5 on sale
3. A black and white kimono, millers, $10 on sale
4. Gold chain statement necklace, Colette by Colette hayman, $4 on sale
5. Pastel long tear drop earrings, cosmetics plus, on sale fill a basket for $5
6. Black flip flops, kmart, $8

 So in total my outfit cost ... $32  great bargain hunting 

Now it's your turn post up a bargain outfit that still looks fabulous! 
I look forward to seeing your posts 

Friday, 22 August 2014

To colour or not to colour

Hey there my lovely chameleons, 
I am sorry for the randomly spaced blogs recently i haven't been well and my wisdom tooth on my left side is giving me jip, but nevermind we are here now :)
Ok, you might not know but over the span of my teenage and adult life i have dyed my hair a heap of crazy and some not so crazy colours.
1.natural and brown

3.short brown

4.Black hair

 and red



9.dark brown


11. Dark red

And i have left my hair to grow since June and i now have a healthy 3inch of hair growth (after trims) and my natural colour is emerging...

What colour do you think i should dye my hair? or do you think i should keep growing out the colour? leave your answers in the comment section below

At the moment i am edging towards natural but i am open to suggestions :)

bye for now

Saturday, 16 August 2014

A long needed DIY collection

- Super Glue - Pliers - Scissors

- Lace - Thin Chain - Chunky Chain - Embroidery Floss - Studs - Nautical Buttons - Charms - White Pearls - Gray Pearls - Faux Leather - Adhesive Velcro

1. Glue approximately ten studs to the toe of each boot. 
2. Cut out two rectangles of faux leather, each one approximately 5-inches long by 3.5-inches wide. 

3. It’s time to make the knot clusters! Using the thin chains, simply tie the two strands together to form a knot. Keep going until the chain strands are completely knotted. Using super glue, glue the chain clusters to the faux leather rectangle.

Tip: Leave bits of chain hanging off to create a purposefully undone look.

4. Fill in the gaps where you can still see the faux leather by gluing on small braided bits of embroidery floss, small bits of lace, buttons, charms, chunky chain, and pearls.

Tips: Don’t be afraid to pile it on for a more dimensional look. Pull apart the embroidery floss and the lace for a frayed, grunge feel.

5. Attach two strips of adhesive Velcro to the back of the leather rectangle along the right and left edges. Peel off the backing and attach the embellished leather rectangle to the boot.

 Embrace the ‘90s feel by pairing your newly embellished boots with a simple black dress and a plaid flannel tied around the waist.

DIY chain statement necklace


Monday, 11 August 2014

Bond with me

Today i came to the conclusion that i want to develop a bond with you all and tell you something so deep that effects me everyday, well i guess like a plaster its best to just rip it off. . . I have had very bad self esteem to the point where 70-80% of the time i hated myself and the way i look mostly down to my weight, i take a lot of "selfies" to hide the fact that it takes all my restraint not to try and cut off the fat i used to be size 8-10 and 65kgs a healthy weight and i gained 40kg and size 18-20 in just over a year.
Before Weight gain this is at 63.5 kgs

I want address this right now, I am not doing this for pity, i am doing it to educate young women on the fact that there is no need to hate yourself anymore, the girls i see on the front of shop windows, some girls look like that but the truth is that most don't. And to be brutally honest all i want to say to these shops is "f#@k OFF!" and for them to stop cultivating so many young girls to hate them selves by saying that what they advertise is beautiful, sexy or hot whilst inadvertently making girls think well i don't look like that so that must mean i am not beautiful by cross examination.
This is now at 110kgs

I do understand that its not just the retailers fault its society in general and the current standards of beauty. However using images of Photoshopped women is basically meaning all this self loathing is based on the lie within the images that these women are really like the photo when in fact they could be 10kgs heavier and have stretch marks but they remove that to make society happy. 

Sorry for the long rant but i feel so much anger and sadness in regards to this topic as it effects me and the people i love personally and it needs to change.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

My 5 Trends To Try Out

I have spent this week reflecting on how to change up my style and i have found 5 new style trends i want to try out. . .

1. False lashes and dark eyes from the 60s

False eyelashes were the fashion accessory of the ’60s (from about 1964 on) and fashionable girls wore them everyday. Some even wore two sets. Lashes (both upper and lower) came on a long strip that you cut to length, or else as ready-to-wear individual sets.
The strip that bottom lashes came on could be annoying, so girls would cut them into smaller pieces. Lashes were made from human hair, synthetics and animal hair like sable, mink and, er, seal.
Lashes mainly came in black and brown, but could be decorated with rhinestones and glitter.

 2. The flower power patterns

In ladies' 60s fashions, the skirts and dresses were nothing like what was seen on runways. Not since the 1920s did fashion change so radically, and youth define what was acceptable. The hemlines that shocked conservatives in the 1920s nearly gave some people apoplexy in the 1960s, as mini and even micro mini skirts were sported by girls with good legs. A short skirt was worn with suede knee-high boots in cool weather, or sandals on hot summer days. Dresses were either short and skimmed the body, or they were long, loose peasant or granny dresses. A peasant dress reflected a Renaissance maiden and the look was often enhanced with flowing ribbons in the hair and on the dress itself. Of course, there were also flowers.

3. 1940s 

Fashion in the 1940s was a good mix of comfort and glamour. There were specific outfits that were meant for specific times of the day. Some of their designs look downright modern even by today’s standards.
Men were still pretty dressed up. Suits, ties and hats were commonplace in public. Women wore dresses and skirts — they still didn’t wear slacks yet.
Another thing women ALWAYS wore: gloves. Preferably a pair that matches your outfit. Fur was very popular, as was all kind of animal skins. Crocodile purses, wombat collars, lambskin lining, and leather sleeves — no animal was off limits.
Clothes in the 1940s were very bright and colorful. The brighter the better. Women’s shoes were often one of three popular color choices: red, white or blue.

4. Grunge


Grunge is defined by a messy, I-don’t-care look that combines punk styles with working-class clothing. If you want to dress grunge, you will have to give up any value you might put into matching or looking too clean. Grunge style is all about cheap clothing worn in a careless way. Thrift stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Crossroads are great places to get second-hand clothes that are comfortable and just the right amount of faded. Look for clothes that are a little big on you. Avoid brightly colored items of clothing--stick with muted colors and black clothing. 

5. Bright lips

Turns out bright colors can make your lips look even larger! If you already have naturally full lips, don’t go over the lip line to create a more luscious pout. Not everyone feels comfortable sporting a bold, matte pout, but brightly colored glosses are a fun way to try out the trend without fully taking the plunge.