Thursday, 19 May 2016

News Flash: New INK!!

This is the Rune Vegvisir the "Norse Compass" i decided to get it tattooed on my left forearm to celebrate my upcoming travel adventures in the UK.
This symbol in the Norse religion/culture helps the bearer navigate through storms, that meaning can be taken in either the literal sense or as i like to think of it, the metaphorical sense.
I believe that this rune will help me work through the hard times in my life and on my life's journey helping me stay true to myself. 
This rune is also special to me as one of my many hobbies is viking re-enactment and a life time passion of mine is and always will be history. 
On the same day i had my finger tattoo fixed as when i had tattooed the original bow in just a plain black line i had stuffed it up so thankfully the Tattoo Artist as Inkantation Tattoo in Deception Bay did a lovely job at fixing it up and giving it a saucy new life with some lipstick red and a cool classic tattoo vibe.

Samecca xx